A Few Essential Tips to Get Easy Wins for PPC in 2016

Online advertising continues to expand its popularity with each passing year. So, marketers need to brush up on their advertising capabilities in order to take their businesses to new heights. Although there are various strategies that marketers can use for advertising such as SEO, social media advertising, pay per click marketing services, etc. PPC remains the most popular choice among marketers as compared to other options.

Image Credits: robbsmithonline.com

Here are a few essential tips to get easy wins for PPC:

1. Ad Extensions: With evolving technology, marketers should acquaint themselves with new ad extensions to improve their ad ranking and drive more traffic to their website. For example, recently introduced features by Bing, such as image extensions, Action Link, and video extensions can help businesses attract new customers. To make this happen, all you need is to choose the best ad extensions that fit into your marketing strategy.

2.Remarketing Tactics: Remarketing, known to be an influential tool in a marketer’s belt, can help them expand the scope of their marketing services. By implementing a remarketing campaign on Bing, advertisers can deploy settings for ads served to reach previous website visitors. For example, if a searcher visits a website and leaves without making a purchase, remarketing helps businesses reconnect with them by showing relevant ads when they browse the web, search on Google or use a mobile app.

3.Customer Match Targeting: Google’s Customer Catch is a powerful tool that helps in bringing back its previous customers who had purchased in the past. It is similar to remarketing tactics with only difference that it allows advertisers to target their own users by showing ads based on their email addresses on social media platforms like YouTube, Google, Gmail, etc.

These handful PPC tips can help digital marketers get the most of their AdWords PPC campaign and expand their businesses beyond expectations.


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