Top 3 Google AdWords Hacks to Drive More Leads

Google AdWords, Google’s advertising service helps advertisers scale their business by reaching new customers. However, with ever changing technology, advertisers are constantly struggling to accomplish their goals. One of the challenges they face is mismanaged campaigns that force thousands of dollars to flush down the drain. Advertisers need to understand that every dollar spent on clicks can’t be allocated to other areas of business, so it is imperative to make sure that every dollar spent is well spent.

Google AdWords Hacks

Here are a few pay per click advertising hacks to help advertisers drive high-quality leads and increase ROI:

Hack1: Broad Match Modified Keywords: Broad match modified keywords is a perfect example to reach a large audience and keep control over the type of users Ads are being served to. Broad match keywords can be changed to broad match modified keywords by including “+” to each keyword that you need to change. It saves a lot of time in case of a long keyword list.

Hack2: Call Extension Campaign: Adding ad extensions to your AdWords campaign is a great way to improve quality score, increase click rates, and provide a better description of your product/services. Among many ad extensions, one that can be a game changer is call extension scheduling within AdWords that allows call extension to appear on ads exactly the number of times you have specified. Call Extension Campaign:

Hack3: Quality Score: “Quality Score” is becoming a fear factor in the hearts of many Google AdWords advertisers, as most of them are unaware of the term and its implications. Mastering “Quality Score” with “One Per” rule can help advertisers to improve their click-through rate and ad ranking. As the name suggests, “One Per” rule allows to limit the number of keywords to 1 per ad group. For example, if you want to optimize conversions, choose the top keywords that bring successful conversions and then create an ad group for each keyword, i.e. if you have 3 top keywords, you need to have 3 ad groups.

Google AdWords hacks can help you keep your accounts precisely targeted, lean, and well-optimized to drive high-quality leads.


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