Google Announces Major Redesign for Google Search

After the success of the card-based design, Google has begun rolling out big changes in its mobile search results. It has recently launched rich cards for recipe and movie websites and added a new section in Google’s Search Console for reporting. It has also upgraded rich snippets that feature a short preview of webpage text and small pictures. That’s not all, the company is also experimenting with the design layout in its desktop search results.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the changes and new additions made in Google’s search results:

With rich cards, content is displayed in a more engaging and visually attractive way. Searchers will see rich cards in a carousel format via swiping to the left or right. However, for now, rich cards are only available for recipe and movie websites using a structured markup to display content. For instance, food website owners can enrich their website preview by providing a stand out image for each dish. Similarly, movie website owners can do the same using graphics and movie posters. However, for now, the rich card feature will appear only in English mobile version for google.comimg

On the other hand, if we talk about Google’s upgrade for rich snippets, the key difference between the previous and the present upgrade is the number of images featured. The upgrade allows searchers to see a series of images per results, whereas earlier, they could see just one image in rich snippet results. Although rich cards are quite similar to rich snippets, it is not a replacement for rich snippet feature. Instead, it complements them.

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Apart from this, Google has added rich card report, a new section in its Search Console that will help site owners to see relevant data such as indexing rates and error reporting. Website owners can fix errors in rich cards and see which cards can be further enhanced by marking up additional fields. Moreover, new “search results” filter introduced in Search Analytics will help site owners to track how rich snippets and rich cards are performing in search. This will help you drill down, see clicks and impressions for both.

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With such advancements from Google, it will be a big turn on for website owners, as the website design services offered by Google will help site owners get the improved mobile search results, attract more potential users, and bring more organic traffic to their website.


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