5 Terrible Mistakes Content Writers Make & How to Avoid Them!

Content writing isn’t as simple as one might think. It requires a lot of hard work to create a good and relevant piece of content without compromising on its quality. Especially when writing content for marketing, you need to follow certain rules and adhere to a well-thought content marketing strategy to get desired results. However, despite following a careful approach, content writers sometimes commit some terrible mistakes.

Content Marketing Image credit: flickr.com

Below are the top five mistakes content writers need to avoid:

Not Understanding the Target Audience: To be a successful writer, it is essential to understand who you’re writing for; or in content marketing terms, who your target audience is. Once, it’s clear to you, it becomes easy to write a piece of content that makes sense to your target audience. The best way to understand your target audience is to research, put yourself in your readers’ shoes, and analyze what type of content they will find valuable.

Not Preparing an Outline: Preparing an outline is very imperative before beginning to write any piece of content. An outline is a rough structure of the content you’re going to write. Typically, it includes title, introduction, problem statement, and key takeaways. An outline eases the process of completing the content piece, as you can write with clarity and speed.

Not Doing Thorough Research: An extensive research done on a topic can help in creating a meaningful content. When written with a great zeal and thorough understanding of the subject, even a simple piece of writing can make a big difference. It can entice readers to read your content every time you publish something on your blog or website.

Not Proofreading the Content Piece: Proofreading is essential prior to publishing content. It is true that typos occur and they can put readers off and leave your website/blog. To avoid such situations, it is advisable to follow certain proofreading techniques such as using spellcheck tools, reading content loud, and reviewing the content after a span of a few hours, etc.

Not Including Images: Although text is a crucial part of any content, it doesn’t mean that images are ignored. They are equally important, as they catch readers’ attention. If images are attractive and relevant to the content, readers for sure will read content. However, including too many images in a single content piece may also distract readers.

Avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes and implementing an effective content marketing strategy can help improve reader engagement.


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