Become a Leader in Social Media with a Lithium Community

Want to become a social media leader, but don’t have a social community? Nowadays, businesses are leveraging Lithium, a single integrated social media platform to connect with their customers and prospects. Lithium empowers businesses to build a vibrant customer community and create a rich user experience. So, if you want your website to be a social hub, get started with Lithium.

Here are a few exciting features that Lithium offers to its customers:

1. Forums: With forums, it becomes easy to connect with experts and brand enthusiasts in one-to-one discussions. You can attract your audience, allow them to create and view your content, and help them identify the best content with the help of kudos. Also, Lithium Social Web allows brands to manage social customer service inquiries and provide timely answers without compromising on the quality.

2. Contests: Run photo, social video, or story contests from your online community to drive more engagement. Running contests will help you see which entries are on top with the number of votes and comments received by them.

3. Tribal Knowledge Base: With Lithium Tribal Knowledge Base, your employees, customers, and users can create, edit, and share content. With this, you can keep your information accurate and up-to-date by picking the existing content, updating, and finally publishing it without starting from scratch.

4. Q&A: With Q&A, you can help your customers find answers quickly by displaying questions and answers similar to their queries. This will help you accelerate purchase decisions for your users and improve customer satisfaction.

5. Language Translator Integration: The new feature introduced by Lithium allows users across the globe to translate existing content from English to other languages. You can first choose which pages you want to translate and then send them in bulk or one by one.

6. Crowdsourced Ideas: Using Lithium’s Crowdsourced Ideas feature, you can collect, tag, categorize, and filter the most popular ideas from your customers, partners, and users, and get them implemented. In return, you can also show your customers that you are taking their ideas seriously and keep them informed with the help of status labels.

7. Value Analytics: This feature allows you to measure the impact of your community through a simple survey, which can be launched within minutes. It helps you directly deliver results to the Lithium Social Intelligence Analytics and reporting interface.

8. Gamification: With native gaming mechanics, improve engagement among new online community visitors by providing them with short-term rewards. Lithium gamification feature provides a free online webinar that helps you design your gamification strategy.

Businesses using Lithium platform deliver a seamless experience to their customers by planning, creating, and managing their online communities and maximize their business investment.