Jive X: Three Must Know Features

Earlier this year, 2016.1 Cloud was released and with this, Jive-X product strides were made. Jive-X, a social community software possesses powerful out-of-the-box features that help companies accelerate their customer lifecycle, drive community engagement and cut support costs.

Jive community platform                                                       Image credit: gsdesign.com

Let’s take a look at a few features of the Jive community platform and see how they help engage customers at each stage of their journey:

  1. SEO Results Improved: To have an external community, it is important to increase your users’ awareness to discover your product or service. To let that happen, it is very important for your community to be search-engine friendly to spread your brand reach. Google site link and video sitemap codes are also auto-populated on community homepage to ensure that your community has a high rank in Google search results and that it gets more clicks and visits.
  2. Different Languages Supported: If your community supports different languages, you can easily localize your community content to reach people across the globe in language of their choice. With 2016.1 cloud release, it will become easy for people to read content and comments by translating it in the language of their choice using Jive’s translation feature.
  3. Events to Build In-Person Relationships: It is now easy to build in-person relationships with your community members using the new event functionality. You can easily send the current view of events for printing as a PDF document. Using colour coded events, you can distinguish between different event types.

Grow advocacy and increase loyalty among your customers with Jive-X social community software that will help you accelerate your customers’ journey from discovery to purchase.