The Role of Pay Per Click Advertising in Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing, in simple terms, is all about luring customers to your product/services rather than following the conventional methods in order to garner their attention. While there are several methods of inbound marketing such as promoting yourself on the social media, creating e-books, blogs, case studies, and testimonials; one such method that has become increasingly popular of late is the pay per click advertising. Although it is often debated that since pay-per-click is a paid strategy, it isn’t considered to be a part of inbound marketing. However, since the advertisements appear whilst you are already searching for something on a search engine, digital marketing experts have ascertained that pay-per-click is indeed an integral part of inbound marketing. Let’s take a look at the role of PPC advertising in inbound marketing.

Pay Per Click Marketing

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Instant visibility
The fact that you get noticed right away is what gives pay-per-click a definite edge over other inbound marketing tools. Having said that, it is mandatory for you to recognize your target audience so you create an advertisement that captures their interest in a snap. This, in turn, helps you maximize your ROI.

Control on budget
Setting up a PPC campaign is a breeze and does not require heavy investment as you are only required to pay the search engine every time someone clicks on your ad. What’s more, you get to set up a budget depending on how aggressively you wish to market your products/services.

Bidding war
Although pay-per-click does not require an initial investment, one has to bid on specific keywords against your competitors. You need to keep in mind that highly searched keywords are quite expensive because of high bids on them. On the other hand, if you tend to keep your bids low, your ads may not show on the first page.

Targeted traffic
What’s great about pay-per-click advertising is that you can not only define your budget but also can define your target audience to who you intend to display your ads. That’s how you ensure that you don’t just get traffic to your website; rather you get targeted traffic that has a higher probability of converting.

Pay-per-click advertising has great potential to yield a high return on investment. However, it largely depends on how you make use of it. Proper management and careful planning of ads are crucial to the success of this method.


Top 3 Google AdWords Hacks to Drive More Leads

Google AdWords, Google’s advertising service helps advertisers scale their business by reaching new customers. However, with ever changing technology, advertisers are constantly struggling to accomplish their goals. One of the challenges they face is mismanaged campaigns that force thousands of dollars to flush down the drain. Advertisers need to understand that every dollar spent on clicks can’t be allocated to other areas of business, so it is imperative to make sure that every dollar spent is well spent.

Google AdWords Hacks

Here are a few pay per click advertising hacks to help advertisers drive high-quality leads and increase ROI:

Hack1: Broad Match Modified Keywords: Broad match modified keywords is a perfect example to reach a large audience and keep control over the type of users Ads are being served to. Broad match keywords can be changed to broad match modified keywords by including “+” to each keyword that you need to change. It saves a lot of time in case of a long keyword list.

Hack2: Call Extension Campaign: Adding ad extensions to your AdWords campaign is a great way to improve quality score, increase click rates, and provide a better description of your product/services. Among many ad extensions, one that can be a game changer is call extension scheduling within AdWords that allows call extension to appear on ads exactly the number of times you have specified. Call Extension Campaign:

Hack3: Quality Score: “Quality Score” is becoming a fear factor in the hearts of many Google AdWords advertisers, as most of them are unaware of the term and its implications. Mastering “Quality Score” with “One Per” rule can help advertisers to improve their click-through rate and ad ranking. As the name suggests, “One Per” rule allows to limit the number of keywords to 1 per ad group. For example, if you want to optimize conversions, choose the top keywords that bring successful conversions and then create an ad group for each keyword, i.e. if you have 3 top keywords, you need to have 3 ad groups.

Google AdWords hacks can help you keep your accounts precisely targeted, lean, and well-optimized to drive high-quality leads.

A Few Essential Tips to Get Easy Wins for PPC in 2016

Online advertising continues to expand its popularity with each passing year. So, marketers need to brush up on their advertising capabilities in order to take their businesses to new heights. Although there are various strategies that marketers can use for advertising such as SEO, social media advertising, pay per click marketing services, etc. PPC remains the most popular choice among marketers as compared to other options.

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Here are a few essential tips to get easy wins for PPC:

1. Ad Extensions: With evolving technology, marketers should acquaint themselves with new ad extensions to improve their ad ranking and drive more traffic to their website. For example, recently introduced features by Bing, such as image extensions, Action Link, and video extensions can help businesses attract new customers. To make this happen, all you need is to choose the best ad extensions that fit into your marketing strategy.

2.Remarketing Tactics: Remarketing, known to be an influential tool in a marketer’s belt, can help them expand the scope of their marketing services. By implementing a remarketing campaign on Bing, advertisers can deploy settings for ads served to reach previous website visitors. For example, if a searcher visits a website and leaves without making a purchase, remarketing helps businesses reconnect with them by showing relevant ads when they browse the web, search on Google or use a mobile app.

3.Customer Match Targeting: Google’s Customer Catch is a powerful tool that helps in bringing back its previous customers who had purchased in the past. It is similar to remarketing tactics with only difference that it allows advertisers to target their own users by showing ads based on their email addresses on social media platforms like YouTube, Google, Gmail, etc.

These handful PPC tips can help digital marketers get the most of their AdWords PPC campaign and expand their businesses beyond expectations.