Leveraging Social Media for B2B

Social media marketing and B2C companies go hand in hand.  However, contrary to what one may believe, B2C companies aren’t the only one making a noise; social media marketing is gaining traction in a number of B2B companies as well. The main reason why B2B social media marketing works is because B2B companies target a smaller customer base but have a higher price point compared to B2C.


Let’s take a look at what advantages you can gain by promoting your business on social media:

Maximize exposure
The prime benefit of social media marketing for B2B companies is increased exposure. Social media sites enable your company to be more recognizable and visible in the eyes of prospective customers. For example, Twitter allows direct interaction between the company and other businesses who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to find out about your company.

Generate leads
Every Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn post leads potential clients to your site, resulting in more conversions. A consistent and well-planned social media marketing strategy successfully increases sales like never before. Thus, it is imperative for companies to post good quality content such as blogs, product launches, press releases etc. and promote these on social media websites.

Smooth customer service
Social media gives businesses a platform to engage with their customers and solve their queries and concerns instantaneously. Moreover, by helping customers, businesses are able to show their transparency and level of service. Hence, by listening and responding to customers, businesses get an opportunity to shine in the realm of customer service.

Build brand image
A carefully planned social media marketing strategy will increase the visibility of your brand, thereby enabling brand recognition. When the followers increase and people turn to social media to compliment your brand, it greatly enhances the image of the brand.

It is necessary to make sure that your social media profile is the right mix of curated content and customer engagement in order to portray your interest vested in the company and its customers. Social media is certainly a must-have for all B2B companies as it is one of the fastest and efficient ways to reach a segment of the market that is interested.