Google Announces Major Redesign for Google Search

After the success of the card-based design, Google has begun rolling out big changes in its mobile search results. It has recently launched rich cards for recipe and movie websites and added a new section in Google’s Search Console for reporting. It has also upgraded rich snippets that feature a short preview of webpage text and small pictures. That’s not all, the company is also experimenting with the design layout in its desktop search results.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the changes and new additions made in Google’s search results:

With rich cards, content is displayed in a more engaging and visually attractive way. Searchers will see rich cards in a carousel format via swiping to the left or right. However, for now, rich cards are only available for recipe and movie websites using a structured markup to display content. For instance, food website owners can enrich their website preview by providing a stand out image for each dish. Similarly, movie website owners can do the same using graphics and movie posters. However, for now, the rich card feature will appear only in English mobile version for google.comimg

On the other hand, if we talk about Google’s upgrade for rich snippets, the key difference between the previous and the present upgrade is the number of images featured. The upgrade allows searchers to see a series of images per results, whereas earlier, they could see just one image in rich snippet results. Although rich cards are quite similar to rich snippets, it is not a replacement for rich snippet feature. Instead, it complements them.

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Apart from this, Google has added rich card report, a new section in its Search Console that will help site owners to see relevant data such as indexing rates and error reporting. Website owners can fix errors in rich cards and see which cards can be further enhanced by marking up additional fields. Moreover, new “search results” filter introduced in Search Analytics will help site owners to track how rich snippets and rich cards are performing in search. This will help you drill down, see clicks and impressions for both.

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With such advancements from Google, it will be a big turn on for website owners, as the website design services offered by Google will help site owners get the improved mobile search results, attract more potential users, and bring more organic traffic to their website.


Top 3 Google AdWords Hacks to Drive More Leads

Google AdWords, Google’s advertising service helps advertisers scale their business by reaching new customers. However, with ever changing technology, advertisers are constantly struggling to accomplish their goals. One of the challenges they face is mismanaged campaigns that force thousands of dollars to flush down the drain. Advertisers need to understand that every dollar spent on clicks can’t be allocated to other areas of business, so it is imperative to make sure that every dollar spent is well spent.

Google AdWords Hacks

Here are a few pay per click advertising hacks to help advertisers drive high-quality leads and increase ROI:

Hack1: Broad Match Modified Keywords: Broad match modified keywords is a perfect example to reach a large audience and keep control over the type of users Ads are being served to. Broad match keywords can be changed to broad match modified keywords by including “+” to each keyword that you need to change. It saves a lot of time in case of a long keyword list.

Hack2: Call Extension Campaign: Adding ad extensions to your AdWords campaign is a great way to improve quality score, increase click rates, and provide a better description of your product/services. Among many ad extensions, one that can be a game changer is call extension scheduling within AdWords that allows call extension to appear on ads exactly the number of times you have specified. Call Extension Campaign:

Hack3: Quality Score: “Quality Score” is becoming a fear factor in the hearts of many Google AdWords advertisers, as most of them are unaware of the term and its implications. Mastering “Quality Score” with “One Per” rule can help advertisers to improve their click-through rate and ad ranking. As the name suggests, “One Per” rule allows to limit the number of keywords to 1 per ad group. For example, if you want to optimize conversions, choose the top keywords that bring successful conversions and then create an ad group for each keyword, i.e. if you have 3 top keywords, you need to have 3 ad groups.

Google AdWords hacks can help you keep your accounts precisely targeted, lean, and well-optimized to drive high-quality leads.

A Few Essential Tips to Get Easy Wins for PPC in 2016

Online advertising continues to expand its popularity with each passing year. So, marketers need to brush up on their advertising capabilities in order to take their businesses to new heights. Although there are various strategies that marketers can use for advertising such as SEO, social media advertising, pay per click marketing services, etc. PPC remains the most popular choice among marketers as compared to other options.

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Here are a few essential tips to get easy wins for PPC:

1. Ad Extensions: With evolving technology, marketers should acquaint themselves with new ad extensions to improve their ad ranking and drive more traffic to their website. For example, recently introduced features by Bing, such as image extensions, Action Link, and video extensions can help businesses attract new customers. To make this happen, all you need is to choose the best ad extensions that fit into your marketing strategy.

2.Remarketing Tactics: Remarketing, known to be an influential tool in a marketer’s belt, can help them expand the scope of their marketing services. By implementing a remarketing campaign on Bing, advertisers can deploy settings for ads served to reach previous website visitors. For example, if a searcher visits a website and leaves without making a purchase, remarketing helps businesses reconnect with them by showing relevant ads when they browse the web, search on Google or use a mobile app.

3.Customer Match Targeting: Google’s Customer Catch is a powerful tool that helps in bringing back its previous customers who had purchased in the past. It is similar to remarketing tactics with only difference that it allows advertisers to target their own users by showing ads based on their email addresses on social media platforms like YouTube, Google, Gmail, etc.

These handful PPC tips can help digital marketers get the most of their AdWords PPC campaign and expand their businesses beyond expectations.

Data Management Practices to Help You Manage Your Data Well

Every organization has a huge pile of data, both external and internal, to maintain. However, not every organization is able to manage it well enough in a way that it comes out to be accurate, clean, and easy to access whenever required. Effective data management can help businesses to grow and help them drive revenue as well as cut costs.

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What is Data Management?

Data management is the process of storing, protecting, acquiring, and processing the required data so that users can access it to make informed business decisions.

Some of the best data management best practices include:

  1. Policies and Administration:
  • Data Policy: Because data policy defines long-term goals of an organization, so it should be dynamic and flexible. Also, factors like cost, ownership, custodianship, privacy, sensitivity, and liability should be considered when establishing data policy for an organization.
  • Role and Responsibilities: It is very important for individuals involved in the project to understand roles and responsibilities in order to meet the data management goals. For this, roles associated with functions should be clearly defined, data ownership should be established in all phases of the project, and data quality should be adequate and agreed upon.
  1. Capture and Collection:
  • Data Quality: Data quality is the main reason why many organizations opt for data management services. When data is entered, stored and managed, the quality of data is affected. Data quality is accessed by verification and validation that tell whether the data is valid or not.
  • Data Documentation: The key to good quality of data is documentation process which should be properly managed by companies. Its main objective is to ensure the longevity of data, facilitate discovery of data sets, and to ensure that data users completely understand the context, content, and the data set limitations.
  • Data Standards: Data standards define features, collected items, objects that are affected by the function of organizations. So the data should be organized and managed well to a defined protocols and rules.
  1. Use and Longevity:
  • Data Security: Data security covers system, procedures, and processes that save data from awful activities such as malicious attacks, misuse of data, unauthorized access etc. The companies should implement methods like consensus, risk management, risk mitigation and risk assessment to keep data secured and safe.
  • Data Access and Sharing: Data should only be accessed by people who are given permission to use it. Also, it is the data owner or custodian who can decide to whom the access to use the data should be given.

Following these data management best practices organizations can maintain high quality and easily accessible data to make quick and informed decisions.